Product Metrics Pyramid
R&D consulting

We empower your intuitive vision and "by chance" decisions with data and workable "out-of-house" common sense. We help you discover the magic of analytical or logical methods on math rails for not-as-usual and happier business growth.

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Metrics Pyramid
The pyramid of metrics allows you to:

  • find a balance between business goals and product goals;
  • measure product metrics such as product value or product quality;
  • build hierarchy for strategic decision-making.
Strategic Sessions
We help properly run strategic planning meetings for:

  • business goals understanding;
  • product value delivery vectors choice;
  • metrics and analytics synchronization and validating.
Product Tracking
Our offer is to challenge your product roadmap and business strategy as a whole.
The expected result of the "acid test" is either a new focused vision or your vanity enriched.
Main Job & NSM Finding
We use Customer Development tools, UX-researches, product analytics and ML-analysis for finding the core product value that can boost your business growth up to exponential.
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